WVNG Joint Diversity Executive Council

WVNG JDEC Mission & Purpose

The mission of the West Virginia National Guard (WVNG) Joint Diversity Executive Council (JDEC) is to promote a diverse workforce that reflects the diverse population of West Virginia; promotes an inclusive culture that enables differences among personnel to improve WVNG best practices, readiness, lethality, and supports an individual’s ability to contribute to the mission; and uses data to evaluate the effectiveness of the WVNG’s Inclusion and Diversity efforts.

The purpose of the WVNG JDEC is to serve as a forum of senior leaders who will collaborate on inclusion and diversity initiatives, assign resources, develop policy, analyze trends, and assist in holding leaders accountable to meet WVNG inclusion and diversity goals and objectives.

The West Virginia National Guard maintains a highly trained and experienced force comprised of Soldiers and Airmen as diverse as the communities we serve and protect. 

Because our members are part of our local communities, it is imperative that we maintain an equally inclusive and diverse workforce that provides opportunities to serve, that collectively contribute to the fabric of our organization based on experiences, backgrounds, cultures and other diverse characteristics that make us who we are. 

Inclusion is defined as the process of valuing and integrating each individual's perspectives, ideas and contributions into the way an organization functions and makes decisions; enabling workforce members to contribute to their full potential in focused pursuit of organizational objectives. 

Diversity is defined as all the different attributes, experiences, cultures, characteristics, and backgrounds of the Total Force which are reflective of the Nation and State we serve and enable the WVNG to deploy, fight, and win. 

The TAG-WVNG deliberately moved inclusion ahead of diversity, to put emphasis on the idea that everyone in the WVNG helps to promote an organization that ensures everyone feels valued and part of our "One Guard". 

Benefits of l&D: 

-    The opportunity to better understand our Nation/State's increasingly diverse population, and attract the best available talent to fill our Airmen, Soldier and Civilian ranks.
-    Personnel who feel valued are inspired to serve at a higher level and want to remain in our "One Guard':
-    I&D education and training enable leaders to create environments that are inclusive of all, which enhances our ability to develop those who join our ranks and integrate individual talents into mission accomplishment.
-    A diverse force does not determine success by a one's appearances or preferences, but rather by what's inside ... one's abilities, determination, and courage. Everyone's different attributes and experiences enhance our ability to operate globally with a culturally astute force.

Effective December 2022, the following personnel serving in the below positions are appointed as members of the West Virginia National Guard Joint Diversity Executive Council (WVJDEC):
TAG - Council Chair 
Special Assistant to TAG - Council Co-Chair 
Chief of Staff, Army 
Director of Staff, Air 
Senior Enlisted Leader
State CSM 
State CCM 
State Command Chief 
EO, Army 
RRB Commander, Army 
Recruiting & Retention Superintendent, Air 
Family Programs Representative 
13 Oth Airlift Wing HRA 
167th Airlift Wing HRA 
a. Alternates, Subject Matter Experts (SME's) and guest as approved by the Council Chair are authorized to attend all council meetings and report on programs/training/events as needed. 

State Equal Opportunity Staff

State Equal Oppertunity Contact
JDEC Documents
JDEC Strategic Plan

WVNG Inclusion & Diversity Plan