Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

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ESGR facilitates and promotes a cooperative culture of employer support for National Guard and Reserve service by developing and advocating mutually beneficial initiatives; recognizing outstanding employer support; increasing awareness of applicable laws and policies; resolving potential conflicts between employers and their service members; and acting as the employers’ principal advocate within DoD.

Paramount to ESGR's mission is encouraging employment of Guardsmen and Reservists who bring integrity, global perspective and proven leadership to the civilian workforce.

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Benefits of Hiring Guardsmen and Reservists

Hiring a Reservist or a Guardsman makes good business sense. These are disciplined and skilled workers who display pride, leadership, responsibility and professionalism in what they do. They understand the mission of their civilian jobs and make it a priority to get results, all while displaying a strong work ethic. Service members often possess advanced skills, certifications and education and are more valuable employees and service members - an essential element in sustaining the All-Volunteer Force for the future. The United States benefits from the contributions of those willing to depart the comforts of home to answer the call of duty. Our service members carry out missions compatible with training, mobilization readiness, humanitarian and contingency operations here in the United States as well as in many countries all over the world. Support at home helps them focus on those missions. Employers interested in hiring Reservists and Guardsmen can participate in the Department of Defense program Hero 2 Hired (H2H). H2H is a comprehensive employment program with a powerful job search site and online community that is 100% free for veterans, service members and employers. Employers can log on to H2H.Jobs to advertise jobs they are interested in having a Reservist or Guardsmen fill.

West Virginia Military Connect

The goal of this network is to increase educational, training, and employment opportunities for service members and their families.

Emphasis will be placed on providing assistance to unemployed service members who are completing active duty tours with priority given to the special needs of Wounded Warriors.

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