FWAATS Mission & Vision


Conduct Department of the Army or NGB-directed individual aircrew member qualification training. Emphasis is on being a high quality, low cost Fixed Wing skills provider to ARNG, USAR and Active Component aircrews. Provide aviation quality assurance by performing flight evaluations and developing courses of instruction that standardize flight procedures.


The Fixed Wing Army Aviation Training Site strives to be the leading aviation Training Site in the Army, leading the way into the 21st century with skilled instructors who are dedicated to excellence in training.                

FWAATS conducts National Guard Bureau directed individual aircrew and enlisted crew member qualification training. Our main emphasis is on Fixed Wing skills within the C-12 and C-26.

FWAATS is and will continue to provide aviation quality assurance by performing flight evaluations and developing courses of instruction that follow standardize flight procedures.  FWAATS provides this training as a High Quality, Low C alternative to other fixed wing training options.

Our ethos is to give our students the best possible aviation training in the Army which will be capable of meeting the training needs of Army Aviation and the Army National Guard for the foreseeable future.

FWAATS History

Located in scenic Bridgeport, WV, the Fixed Wing Army National Guard Aviation Training Site (FWAATS) is the only Army National Guard (ARNG) training site that provides Army aviator (Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard) fixed wing training instruction. Since its inception as the Eastern Fixed Wing Training Site (later renamed FWAATS) in 1992, FWAATS has trained more than 2,500 Soldiers across all three Army components in the operation of Army standard and non-standard fixed wing aircraft. Accredited through The Army School System (TASS), FWAATS has on three occasions been certified as a "Learning Institution of Excellence" by TRADOC evaluation teams.


FWAATS provides its students with some of the most complex and technically challenging aviation instruction in the Army. In addition to conducting aircraft qualification courses (AQC) in the C-12, C-26 and LUH-72 IFE-Prep, FWAATS proudly notes that we’re the only Army training site that instructs the C-26 AQC, fixed wing Instrument Flight Examiner (IFE) Courses (C-12 and C-26) and Maintenance Test Pilot Course (C-12 only). Although the aircraft was divested from the Army inventory in 2013, FWAATS was also the Army’s only C-23 (“Sherpa”) accredited training schoolhouse. It is as a result of our having trained more than 1,000 C-23 aircrew members and being recognized as the Army’s C-23 experts that FWAATS is being considered to train allied nations that purchase divested C-23’s through the excess defense article program.


FWAATS currently instructs, or has instructed, the following courses:

KA300/MARSS Aircraft Qualification Course

C-12 Fixed Wing Qualification Course

C-23 Aviator Qualification Course

C-26 Fixed Wing Qualification Course

C-12 Aircraft Recurrent Course

C-26 Aircraft Recurrent Course

C-12 Instrument Flight Examiner Course

C-23 Instrument Flight Examiner Course

C-26 Instrument Flight Examiner Course

C-12 Instructor Pilot Course

C-23 Instructor Pilot Course

C-26 Instructor Pilot Course

C-12 Maintenance Test Pilot Course

C-23 Aviator Night Vision Goggle Qualification Course

C-23 Flight Engineer Qualification Course

C-23 Flight Engineer Instructor Course

KA-300 Mission Rehearsal Training

KA-300 Aerial Sensor Operator Mission Rehearsal Training


FWAATS is proud of the role we have played in training aircrews from all Army components to support cargo, A-ISR and non-executive airlift missions domestically and overseas for more than 20 years and is widely considered to be the Army’s premiere fixed wing aviation training site.

Welcome to FWAATS


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Instrument Flight Examiner Preparatory (IFE Prep)


(1 Week) – ATRRS Links:  


C12 Qualification Course

This is a non ATRRS Course. Please contact the Operations Officer at (304) 201-3803 to enroll.



 AQT - C-12 Aviator Qualification (Transition) (Phase 1) 

(1 Week) – ATRRS Links:  FY 2022 | FY 2023

AQT - C-12 Aviator (Transition) (Phase 2)

(3 Weeks) – ATRRS Links:  FY 2022 | FY 2023

IFE – Senior IP/Instrument Flight Examiner (FW C-12)

(5 Weeks) – ATRRS Links:  

IPC – C-12 Instructor Pilot Course

(4 Weeks) – ATRRS Links:  

IPS – C-12D/F Instructor Pilot Standardization Course

(1 Week) – ATRRS Links: 

MTP – C-12 MNTS Test Pilot/Functional Check Pilot

(2 Weeks) – ATRRS Links:  


AQT - C-26 Aviator Qualification (Transition) (Phase 1)

(2 Weeks) – ATRRS Links:  FY 2022 | FY 2023

AQT - C-26 Aviator Qualification (Transition) (Phase 2)

(3 Weeks) – ATRRS Links:  FY 2022 | FY 2023

IFE – Senior IP/Instrument Flight Examiner (FW C-26)

(5 Weeks) – ATRRS Links:  

C-26 Instructor Pilot Course (Phase 1)

(1 Week) – ATRRS Links:  FY 2022 | FY 2023

C-26 Instructor Pilot Course (Phase 2)

(5 Weeks) – ATRRS Links:  FY 2022 | FY 2023

IPS – C-26 Instructor Pilot Standardization Course

(1 Week) – ATRRS Links: