West Virginia National Guard Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

The Judge Advocate General's Corps is a single organization made up of lawyers, legal administrators, specialists and court reporters. The Corps' members are commissioned and warrant officers, enlisted Soldiers and civilians and are members of the Active Component, Army Reserve and National Guard. They are also members of two honorable professions: the profession of arms and the profession of law.


Our Mission


The mission of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate is to provide legal services, counsel, and opinions to The Adjutant General and his respective staff, Directors of the Army and Air National Guard and their respective staffs, commanders, personnel, and the like concerning operational law, environmental law, contracts, administrative law, military justice and other areas of the law as necessary.


Legal Assistance for Eligible Personnel


West Virginia National Guard judge advocates provide legal assistance to military personnel, retirees and their qualified dependents in accordance with applicable Army and Air Force legal assistance regulations. Legal assistance available to traditional (part-time, M-Day) National Guard Members primarily consists of:

• Pre-mobilization legal planning

• Preparation of simple wills and powers of attorney

• Briefing and counseling on the Service Members Civil Relief Act

• Reemployment Rights


Traditional Guard Members seeking legal assistance services should contact their command's legal office. Legal Assistance is by appointment only. For information on making an appointment, contact your Unit’s servicing judge advocate. 


West Virginia National Guard judge advocates cannot represent Service Members in criminal or civil courts.


Trial Defense Services Contact Information


TDS attorneys are military officers who represent Soldiers in a defense capacity. TDS attorneys are independent from local commands and their legal advisors. The mission of TDS is to provide defense legal services to Soldiers. These services include: representing Soldiers at courts-martial; representing Soldiers before involuntary enlisted separation, officer elimination, or grade reduction boards; counseling Soldiers regarding restraint, non-judicial punishment, and other adverse administrative action taken pursuant to Army/National Guard regulations. Communications between a TDS attorney and a Soldier-client are strictly confidential and privileged. TDS attorneys do not represent civilians or Soldiers in their civilian capacity, to include proceedings at a federal magistrate court in a military base. TDS representation is only provided to Soldiers facing adverse action under military jurisdiction. To schedule a TDS consultation, please call (703)-601-2215


Join the JAG Corps


The National Guard is a dual state and federal military force, having both state and federal military missions. Its unique state mission places its National Guard members under the command of the state governor, while federal missions place them under the leadership of the President. Members of the National Guard most often serve under the control of their governor while training for their unit's federal mission - the unique mission each unit performs when mobilized for active duty service as a Reserve Component (RC) unit. When necessary, the governor may call forth National Guard members in response to natural disasters, man-made disasters or attacks, and to provide security and assistance to the local population.


To be appointed as a West Virginia National Guard Judge Advocate, you must be a licensed attorney, complete the application process, be approved for U.S. Army RC JAGC service by The U.S. Army Judge Advocate General (TJAG), and be appointed as an officer in West Virginia. If a position is available within West Virginia, you will be interviewed by a West Virginia Judge Advocate and the state JAGC personnel will determine if you would be a valuable asset to it Corps.  If so, then your application packet will go before a RC Accession Board at the Office of The Judge Advocate General (OTJAG). If you are approved for service in the RC JAGC, you will receive an approval letter and your packet will then be considered by a Federal Recognition Board within the state and if approved, you will be appointed in West Virginia National Guard. Click HERE for more information or contact your local recruiting office. 


Disclaimer: This web site is primarily intended to be a resource for West Virginia Army and Air National Guard personnel, as well as their families. The material is for general information only and should not be considered as legal advice or authority.  For specific legal advice, you should contact an attorney.

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