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Color Guard, Funeral Honors


Community Events

How to request a WVNG Participation in Community Events

WVNG: Supporting Local Events Across the State

Guidelines for Community Event Support from the WVNG

Request Military Support for your local event: Procedures and Consideration


Flyover Request

How to request a WVNG Flyover for your Event

Steps to Secure a Military Aircraft Flyover: Requirements and Deadlines

Guide to Obtaining a WVNG Flyover: Procedures and Forms

Requesting Military Flyovers: What you need to know about FAA and DOD approval

WVNG Flyovers: Process, Deadlines, and Contact Info


Rock Climbing Wall/ Activities

WV Army National Guard: Rock Climbing Wall, Gaming Trailor and more

WV Air National Guard: Mini C130 and more


Static Display

Request a WVNG Static Display: Guidelines and Forms

How to Secure a NG Static Display for your event: Steps and Contacts

Ensure NG Participation: Complete Your DD Form 2536 Properly

The West Virginia National Guard has units throughout West Virginia and we strive to be a good neighbors and community partners. As a community-based organization, the West Virginia National Guard supports and participates in events throughout the state to benefit our citizens and give them insight into their National Guard. These events, such as parades, ceremonies and patriot celebrations are as important to us as they are to the groups and communities that sponsor them.

While every attempt is made to support Community Relations requests, it is not always possible to support every event due to training requirements, previous commitments, budget constraints, or mobilizations. Keep in mind that the West Virginia National Guard is primarily staffed by a part time force when not actively engaged with a federal or state mission or deployed.  All requests will be reviewed to ensure events are in accordance with National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Manual 360-5 (NGB PAM 360-5), Army Regulation 360-1 (AR 360-1) and Air Force Instruction 35-101 (AFI 35-101).

*See the bottom of this page for examples of what can and cannot be supported.

Whether it is a band, color guard, guest speaker, or military vehicle display, military personnel, citizens and community organizations can request military support for their local event.

Once you submit your request, someone from the Defense Support to Civil Authorities office will email you to let you know that your request is being processed. Feel free to reach back out to them at any point if any details of the request change.

Basic Support Guidelines

  • Events must be open and advertised to the public
    • Does not include guest speaker events, however, the event will still be vetted and checked to ensure the requesting organization meets certain criteria
  • Flyovers must have a projected attendance of 5,000+ individuals
  • Birthdays are not considered public events. We can send certificates or other materials, but not military assets
  • Precedence is placed on the 5 major patriotic holidays
    • Armed Forces Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • POW/MIA Day
    • Veterans Day
  • The West Virginia National Guard cannot support any politically partisan event or event geared to an election
  • Requests cannot ask for soldiers to provide laborious duties such as: ushers, escorts, construction, or other tasks that can be done through outside organizations/volunteers
  • Support cannot be provided to events that have an admission fee, paid dues to attend, or are raising funds for any means
  • The West Virginia National Guard cannot be used for requests that can be made to outside businesses such as: construction, transportation, etc.
  • Even after support is committed to an event, they may have to cancel support due to real world events that can arise. You will be notified if that occurs
  • You must send in a new request, with paperwork, for every event you request support, even if we have supported this event in the past
  • If you have any questions or concerns about anything on this page, please call the Public Affairs office

Static Displays

PLEASE NOTE: These requests require a 30-day lead time in order to facilitate the required approvals**

In order to request a static display, you must submit a DD form 2536 to the West Virginia National Guard Defense Support to Civil Authorities Office via email to The West Virginia National Guard retains eligibility rights for all static displays. Your local National Guard recruiter can assist you with submitting the DD 2536 as well.

Download a blank form, click HERE: DD FORM 2536, 2016 edition (PDF format).

Download an example form, click HERE: Example DD2536 form (PDF format).

*If you do not fill out the form in its entirety, your event will not be eligible for support. Please use the attached example and call with any questions you might have. You must fully substantiate how your event and how the West Virginia National Guard would benefit from having a static display.

**If you do NOT get a response email… we never received the request. Please call at 304-561-6633.

Aviation Static Display

**PLEASE NOTE: These requests require a 45 day lead time in order to facilitate the required approvals**

If you would like to request a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, UH-72 helicopter or C-130 Hercules or C-17 Globemaster III airplane static display at your event, you must submit a DD Form 2535 (same form as below for a flyover) at least 45 days prior to the event.

Download a blank form HERE: DD Form 2535, 2016 edition (PDF format).

If this request is for an Army Helicopter, please submit to

If this request is for the C130  or C-17 aircraft, the request needs to go through Once you receive notification of eligibility, please forward that number to

You must fully substantiate how your event and how the West Virginia National Guard would benefit from having a static display. (NOTE: you do not need FAA approval on page 2 for an aviation static display, which is a part of the DD form 2535.)

Flyover Requests

*PLEASE NOTE: These requests require a 90 day lead time in order to facilitate the required approvals**

Anyone can request a West Virginia National Guard Army or Air flyover for their particular event. CURRENTLY, DoD HAS EMBARGOED ALL ARMY and AIR AVIATION ASSETS FOR FLY OVERS. An Exception to Policy (ETP) must be requested through the Dept of Defense to facilitate such requests. Please contact the Public Affairs Office for specifics.

A public affairs flyover is a single straight and level flight by not more than four of the same type military aircraft from a single service over a predetermined point on the ground at a specific time and not involving aerobatics or demonstrations. The event must meet Dept. of Defense and appropriate service public affairs criteria and be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration prior to the aviation support occurring.

In order to request a West Virginia Air National Guard (C-130 Hercules/C-17 Globemaster III) flyover, please visit:

For a West Virginia Army Guard flyover, you must request the flyover through the DSCA Office via a DD Form 2535 – See below -and send to This will then go to the Department of the Army for consideration.

Once you are approved, you may contact the West Virginia National Guard via Mr. Andy Higginbotham at Please note, while waiting on your eligibility, coordination can be done concurrently. Once your request is approved, you are “eligible” to have the military participate in your event, but it is not guaranteed. It’s based on mission requirements, aircraft availability and weather among other factors.

Here’s an example of how to fill out a DD 2535, download HERE: DD2535 Example (PDF format).

Download a blank form HERE: DD Form 2535, 2016 edition (PDF format).

Army Aviation Flyover Request
should be sent on or before:
Armed Forces Day December 15
Memorial Day December 31
Independence Day February 4
9/11 April 11
POW/MIA Day April 15
Veterans Day June 11


Requesting a flyover requires FAA approval on the DD2535 as well. Ensure you have enough time to reach out to your local FAA representative to get your event approved by them on the form before you send it to the Public Affairs office. We cannot process a DD2535, for a flyover, without FAA approval. You can find your local FAA office here.

Some things to keep in mind

  • You cannot have both a flyover and a static display for an event. It is one or the other.
  • For a static display, the helicopter must land before the event starts, when there are not people around the landing area and will need to take off after the event site is cleared of people.
  • Due to the majority of our force being a ‘part-time force” we have to staff events with the availability of our service members. Our service members still do have training and administrative requirements that need to be met on an annual basis. Even if a unit is local to you and is fully staffed, they may not have the ability to support an event due to requirements the service members must complete.
  • Requests are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Regardless of who is requesting support.
  • Precedence for supporting holiday events/parades falls to the 5 major patriotic holidays listed on the “Basic Support Guidelines”
  • After being vetted, an event may warrant a hold harmless be sent to the requestor. If not filled out, we cannot send support to the event.
  • Attendees will not be permitted to climb on, ride in, or operate any of our equipment, nor can we haul things with our vehicles for the event. These are displays only.

The West Virginia National Guard Public Affairs Office is the official source of information for the Adjutant General of West Virginia and the West Virginia Army and Air National Guard.

If you work for a media organization, we would be happy to facilitate interviews, press conferences, media advisories, and provide open source photos and video. Please contact the State Public Affairs Office at 304-561-6689.

You may also search for West Virginia National Guard photos, videos and b-roll content on DVIDS by visit

If you are a service member of family member, contact us to learn how we can help you tell your story. Be sure to include your unit and hometown as we may be able to help write, edit and publish your story online and with local news outlets.


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