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NEWS | Feb. 11, 2022

WVNG Feedback Line Week 1

By Maj. Gen. Bill Crane West Virginia Office of the Adjutant General

February 11, 2022

Members of our One Guard,

In response to the feedback provided over the last two weeks, I have directed the following actions to take place in order to address concerns, issues and comments that have been submitted through the WVNG Feedback Line.

For those who provided an option for a direct response, I have reached out to each individual through the Feedback Line system to provide an answer.

  • Leaders in the West Virginia Army and Air National Guard have been advised to put additional command emphasis on communication to the lowest levels of our units to ensure updates on programs, policies and leadership items are being received by Soldiers and Airmen.
  • I have tasked the Army to look into allegations of toxic command climate and to follow through with command directed investigations, if necessary, to address issues brought to light. In addition, the Army and Air leadership will incorporate emotional intelligence training for leaders and supervisors as a part of officer and NCO development, to ensure we foster a healthy command climate in every unit.
  • The Army staff will begin publishing a list of Readiness NCOs and Commanders, and updating it on a regular basis, to ensure staff elements can access information needed to complete their assigned work.
  • An assessment will be conducted on the workload and ratio of behavioral health personnel to support the Soldiers of the West Virginia Army National Guard. In addition to our contracted behavioral health providers, Soldiers and Airmen have access to a number of resources to include Military OneSource, Veterans Help Line, unit behavioral health personnel and more.
  • Both services are developing courses of action to advertise and/or publicize transfer opportunities within the West Virginia National Guard.
  • The services and HRO are looking into options for flexible work schedules to see where it makes sense for our organization. More details will be provided as the analysis is completed and recommendations have been made.

I will continue to address submissions from the WVNG Feedback Line weekly and communicate our courses of action to you. Thank you once again for providing us with your thoughts, concerns and issues so that we can make the West Virginia National Guard the best organization it can be.      

William “Bill” Crane
Major General, WVNG                    
The Adjutant General