245th U.S. Army Birthday message

| West Virginia National Guard | June 12, 2020


On June 14, the U.S. Army will honor its anniversary of 245 years of dedicated service to our Nation. The West Virginia Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 201st Field Artillery Regiment, bears an honor unlike any unit in our military, holding the legacy of being the longest actively serving unit in the United States Army’s history – which has been in existence for 40 years prior to the establishment of the active Army. We are proud of our lineage and the important work that has been carried out to defend our State and Nation as a part of the militia and the United States Army.


On this date 245 years ago, a group of Americans came together to support and defend the principles of liberty and freedom that empowered the birth of a new nation. Their strength, courage, honor, and sacrifices have laid the foundation of effort that today inspires the more than 1.3 million volunteer Soldiers and civilians who serve in our active duty Army, Army Reserves, and Army National Guard.


Now, the men and women of the West Virginia Army National Guard continue to uphold the service and values that the United States Army was founded upon. They answer the call when our country needs us most – in times of disaster, uncertainty and war – Soldiers have stood watch and defended freedom across the globe.


This year, we honor the service, diversity and strength of our United States Army and the exceptional people who serve in its ranks. Our values and support to our fellow Americans will remain unwavering.

“This We’ll Defend!”