Memorial Day Safety Message

| West Virginia National Guard | May 22, 2020

Charleston, W.Va. —

WVNG Warriors, Families and our Civilian Employees


Let's not forget that this Memorial Day weekend is to reflect on the memories of the Warriors who died for our country and to protect our way of life.


I know everyone is eager to take advantage of the warmer temperatures by participating in water sports and outdoor activities. This year will be different with the COVID 19 pandemic causing everyone to take additional precautions in their summer planning. I am asking each of you to follow the rules for social distancing, limitations on public events and Department of Defense protection guidelines.


The summer months are a time for fun in the sun but they’re also some of the most deadly for our Military for off duty accidents.

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I am asking each of you to add risk mitigation into everything you plan to ensure you are not taking unnecessary risks for you or your family.


Thank you for your continued service and support to the West Virginia National Guard.


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