W.Va. Guard flood response mission continues in Eastern West Virginia

By Maj. Holli Nelson | July 9, 2019


W.Va. Guard flood response mission continues in Eastern West Virginia


CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The flood response mission continues this week for the West Virginia National Guard (WVNG) in Eastern West Virginia.


The WVNG has had between 18-20 Soldiers on the ground providing debris removal and recovery at the Dry Fork recreational area and the Harman car wash area, as well as performing spillway work on the Horace Camp pond dam, which has brought down the amount of water significantly in the past few days. Soldiers have assisted in the movement of 55 tons of stone to Job, West Virginia, and will continue to remove debris and spread stone on a roadway in Job this week.


Loader dump teams have completed 60 loads of debris and runoff removal and hauled more than 130 tons of stone and rock from the affected areas. The Community Assistance Teams for Randolph County have provided more than 150 cases of water, 30 food deliveries, eight water buffalo missions, and conducted daily health and welfare checks for area residents. A team of engineers have also provided five days of 24 hour operational support to the pumps at the Horace Camp pond dam to remove water.


"This is a prime example of the exceptional work and professionalism of our West Virginia National Guard Soldiers who are there when the citizens of West Virginia need them most," said Maj. Gen. James Hoyer, Adjutant General of the West Virginia National Guard. "These Soldiers have been on the ground since before the holiday weekend providing much needed flood response and support to the community and our local emergency managers. This is the work that showcases the spirit of the National Guard and the importance of our force in the Mountain State."


The WVNG will continue to provide support in the coming days for any remaining missions requested by Randolph County.