West Virginia National Guard Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Military Equal Opportunity (MEO)

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Equal Opportunity Office of the West Virginia National Guard is to provide oversight to policies in terms of Equal Employment Opportunity and ensure the compliance with laws, regulations and affirmative employment practices and procedures for members of the West Virginia National guard, both military and civilian, and those individuals who seek employment.

To achieve an organizational culture committed to high standards of professional behavior, which values individual differences and similarities, and understands positive human relations have a positive impact on ensuring optimum mission readiness..

There are three goals for the West Virginia National Guard Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) office. The first goal of the EEO office is to serve the members of the West Virginia National Guard and its civilian employees regarding Equal Opportunity through various forms of education, training, and member involvement through our Special Emphasis Programs. In doing so, we promote and ensure compliance with all aspects of federal and state laws, as well as the National Guard’s policies and regulations.

Secondly, the EEO office is responsible for EEO/EO complaint management for the West Virginia National Guard dealing with discrimination and Sexual Harassment.  Our view is to promptly and effectively address any and all issues at the lowest level to make certain resolution is reached.

The Third and final goal is to ensure the progression of Diversity and Inclusion in that it occurs and progresses throughout the West Virginia National Guard. The West Virginia National Guard believes by valuing Diversity, we will maximize the positive impacts our members make not only in the West Virginia National Guard but the community as well.

WVNG Joint Diversity & Inclusion

WVNG EO & EEO Policy

WV FY22 Affirmative Action Plan MD715

WV Prevention of Harassment Policy

WV Hazing & Bullying

WVNG Diversity Plan

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Policy

Policy Statement on Personal Assistance Services

WVNG Reasonable Accommodation Standard Operating Procedures

WVNG EEO Contacts