State Partnership Program - Peru

The West Virginia National Guard (WVNG) and Peru formally established their State Partnership Program on November 27, 1996.  To further strengthen ties, on May 15, 2014, the Ambassador of Peru, Ambassador Harold Forsyth, and WV Governor Earl R. Tomblin signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) resolving to increase security and whole-of-society cooperation between the partners.  Since the formation of the partnership, the WVNG and Peru have worked to enhance Peru’s capabilities in the areas of professional development of Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Military Police, Engineers, Medical Operations, and Peacekeeping.  Additionally, a major focus of the partnership has been Disaster Response and the WVNG has successfully engaged with the Peruvian FEMA equivalent, INDECI, along with the Peruvian military to bolster joint, interagency responses to disasters.  By working with the WVNG on operations techniques and procedures, and in partnership with efforts by US SOUTHERN COMMAND to establish joint operations centers around the Country, Peru is more prepared than ever before to face emergencies.

During 2020, the State Partnership Program continued to advance the relationship with Peru through a series of events aligned with U.S. SOUTHCOM security cooperation objectives. Overall, the State Partnership Program conducted 13 events in 2020 with Peru focused on aviation medical operations, NCO professional development, peacekeeping operations, aerial surveillance for counter-drug operations, explosive ordnance disposal, cyber defense capabilities, and disaster response.  To aid the peacekeeping mission, the WVNG worked with the Peruvian Armed Forces on preventive HMMWV maintenance to prepare the PERMIL for their Central African Republic deployment in support of their U.N. peacekeeping mission.  The professional development of Non-Commissioned Officers in the Peruvian military continued as a multi-year line of effort with significant WVNG interagency leadership and multiple engagements in Peru and virtually. 

While COVID 19 caused the cancelation of many events, the State Partnership Program transitioned to virtual communications to maintain the momentum. This included sharing best practices and lessons learned with the COVID 19 response.  Moreover, the WVNG built relationships between key leaders by engaging with both the Commander of the Peruvian Army and the Commander of the Peruvian Air Force to reaffirm the close ties of the Partnership and to commit both parties to continue to share COVID 19 lessons learned.  Additionally, the Peruvian Defense Attaché and the Peruvian Air Attaché visited Charleston, WV, to plan future lines of effort to enhance Peru’s counter-drug, medical, cyber, professional development and disaster response capabilities.

Our Peruvian partnership has created an enduring and important working relationship that enables unique training opportunities for all involved parties, particularly in the realm of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, engineering, military police, peacekeeping, and interagency work.

State Partnership Program - Qatar

The West Virginia National Guard and Qatar formally established their partnership on May 10, 2018, marking the second partner nation for the WVNG and the sixth SPP country in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility.  Through our partnership with Qatar, the WVNG seeks to increase military and diplomatic cooperation, develop and expand defense capabilities, and participate in mutually beneficial training interactions.  In addition, the two entities will work to increase interoperability of forces and deter and disrupt criminal and terrorist activities in the region.  The WVNG demonstrated the breadth and depth of its capabilities to the Qatari delegation in multiple facets of Special Forces Operations, domestic response, training, civil support, emergency response, and contingency operations during 13 different engagements in 2020.  The WVNG helped to coordinate to host Qatari Special Forces training in WV through an unaffiliated private contractor, an event that attracted a visit by the Qatari Minister of Defense and enabled a key leader engagement with the WVNG Director of the Joint Staff.

Though in-person engagements slowed due to COVID 19, the WVNG has continued to build upon our relationship with Qatar throughout the travel stoppage by holding multiple virtual engagements with our partners.  This included the Eastern Action battalion-level staff exercise with our Qatari partners led by WVNG planners.  These efforts ensure our relationship continues to grow and that the partnership maintains momentum throughout the global pandemic.

WVNG will continue to support Qatar with their efforts in preparation to host the World Cup 2022.  WVNG is working alongside Qatar’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Defense Unit and the Qatari Emiri Air Force Airlift wing as well as U.S. Army Central to assist in the defense and security of the World Cup.  Ongoing partnership cooperation concerning the World Cup include the Joint Operations Planning, Stadium Security, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Explosives (CBRNE) Response and incident Prevention, Military Police including riot control, and aeromedical evacuation.  The WVNG stands ready to support our Qatari partners in preparation for a safe and orderly World Cup 2022.


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