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NEWS | May 16, 2023

Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Crane recognize military spouses with inaugural event

West Virginia National Guard

West Virginia National Guard (WVNG) Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Wiliam Crane, and his wife, Mrs. Jennifer Crane hosted the inaugural WVNG Military Spouses Appreciation Day event on May 12, 2023, at McLaughlin Air National Guard Base in Charleston, West Virginia. 

The event began with a resources and networking coffee followed by a 130th AW C-130J Spouses Flight and concluded with a lunch by 1010 Bridge Restaurant & Catering's Chef Paul Smith (featuring meat and produce provided by Patriot Guardens members).

Guests included Director of Governor's Mansion Vicki Shannon, Executive Assistant to First Lady Cathy Justice, and Brian Abraham, Chief of Staff at West Virginia Governor’s Office and officer in the WV Army National Guard. 

MG and Mrs. Crane would like to recognize WVNG Spouses for their sacrifices, support and contributions to our One Guard Family.



Beginning in 1984, President Ronald Reagan has designated the Friday before Mother's Day as Military Spouse Appreciation Day as a time to pause, reflect and recognize those who often have the greatest impact on the lives of military members. You are here today to be recognized for doing one of the hardest jobs in the West Virginia National Guard.

In this job, you are seldom off the clock. You often are not seen. I'm not aware of any medals that spouses are given for excellence, bravery or leadership. I know that you are proud of your job, you do it well, and you do it to the best of your ability no matter what is happening with you, your family or your career. I am confident that you do this job without ever expecting to be recognized. You represent the best of who we are as Americans, West Virginians and members of the One Guard family.

I am honored to host the inaugural West Virginia National Guard Military Spouses Appreciation Day along with MG Bill Crane. Please accept our help heartfelt gratitude for your contributions to the success of our One Guard. We owe all we are to you.

~ Mrs. Jennifer Crane