National Maintenance Program
The West Virginia National Guard National Maintenance Programs and Special Repair Activities are key programs that have aided the WVNG to win two Army Community of Excellence competitions.

Tires for Military Tactical Vehicles are sent to W.Va. to be reset to new standards to be issued back to Soldiers out in the field. WVNG is the largest distributor of tires within the United States for NMP. More than 10,000 tire/wheel assemblies have been rebuilt every year since 2010. Under this program, used assemblies are refurbished and shipped to the Army’s Defense Logistics Agency for distribution to forces around the world while unserviceable rubber is sent for recycling at local facilities where it is used for construction applications. This program alone created 29 jobs and saves the DoD more than $25 million annually in disposal fees alone. 

The WVNG continues to provide support to Communications and Electronics Command by rebuilding army generators and providing tool kits for the generators.

Our current customers include Army Material Command, Communications and Electronics Command and Navy.