Family Programs

Ask a service member what he or she needs while on deployment and he or she will tell you, “Take care of my family.” The mission of a Family Assistance Center is to do just that! FACs provide information and referrals to available resources and services that families may require. A FAC will be there for the family no matter what challenge they may face during the deployment cycle. The FAC staff understands that most families will only ask for help when the crisis has hit. Be assured that FAC staff will respond to your needs. In addition, they will make it eas- ier for the family to ask for assistance, as a member of the FAC staff will contact families of deployed Soldiers on a regular basis.

Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon Program is designed to promote the well-being of National Guard and Reserve members, their families and communities, by connecting them with resources throughout the deployment cycle. Through Yellow Ribbon events, Service members and loved ones connect with local resources before, during, and after deployments.


ASIST Class – Fairmont Armory, 17 and 18 September, 2015

Applied Suicide Intervention Skill Training – The two-day ASIST workshops will train Army leaders, chaplains and chaplain assistants, substance abuse counselors, family advocacy program workers, medical and dental-health professionals, and other care providers in a range of suicide-prevention and intervention skills.

From identifying those who may be having thoughts of suicide to improved understanding of how beliefs and attitudes affect suicide interventions, Army personnel who complete the two-day course will be better able to save Soldiers, family members, and Department of the Army civilian's lives and serve as an additional suicide prevention resource for Army commanders, said Walter Morales, Army suicide prevention program manager.

This course is filled via email distribution of surrounding units. No ATRRS entry exists for this course.There are no seats currently remaining. Point of Contact for this event is:

1LT Willard
(304) 561-6826

Fall Youth Retreat – Camp Dawson, 18 through 20, September 2015

This is our quarterly Youth Council Retreat Weekend where we focus on training to develop Leadership skills, Team Building, Resiliency, Volunteer/Community Service and Life Skills all while we create a unique team to give voice to the WVNG Child & Youth Program. And yes, there may be cupcakes involved!

For more information please visit: Joint Services Support Website

Point of Contact for this event is:

Donna Truman
(304) 201-3754

Gold Star Family Weekend – Camp Dawson, 25 through 27, September

In recognition of our Military Fallen Heroes from all wars and their families, we are honored to invite families of our Military fallen heroes to a weekend of camaraderie, fun, and sharing.

Due to the unique nature of this program, registration is not open to the general public. Point of Contact for this event is:

Leigh Ann Hill
(304) 561-6829

The Child & Youth Program Team

Susan Izzo


Address: 1703 Coonskin Drive, Charleston WV 25311

Phone: 304-561-6821, Toll Free: 1-866-986-4326, Blackberry: 304-881-1536

Donna Truman

Address:2096 Kelly Island Road, Martinsburg, WV 25401

Phone:304-201-3754, Cell: 304-907-8819

Where to find your Family Assistance Center...

Charleston FAC:

Michael Lowry: (866) 986-4326

Camp Dawson FAC:

Lisa Dixon,(866) 219-7339

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Glen Jean FAC:

Tina Cook:(866) 379-6837

Lewisburg FAC:

Kelli Higginbotham:(877) 277-9503

Airmen & Family Programs

130th Airlift Wing, Charleston

Sharon Peters:(304) 341-6625

167th Airlift Wing, Martinsburg

Sherry Lewis:(304) 616-5590